Some really nasty! horrible! comebacks for bullies! sorry but plz I need help

Ok I dont really get bullied but really upsetting me and getting on my nervs I've tried ignoring them but they always seem to target me I don't want to tell the teacher coz I want them to know I can stand up for myself and they won't bother me again I need really horrible comeback that makes them cry and I need help on how to memorize them and how to get over the mean comments I'm not from there country and I think their being rascits to me :( plz I need to make them cry and teach them a lesson to leave people alone! Thank you
Asked Mar 03, 2012
personally I wouldnt tell the teachers sometimes that makes it worse. you just need to stand up to them and show them that your not afraid. if things become physical then I would tell but words are just words. Try and be smart and witty or you could just try and ignore them.
Answered Mar 03, 2012
The teachers, etc. are adults. They ought to be able to force the little hooligans into submission... or expel them. Period. And words can be devastating to some people. It depends on the person. For some, it's not "just words."
But sometimes telling the teachers isn't enough. Depending on the types of bullies, some may start beating up on the kid even more because they got in trouble because of her. In this case, you should tell a teacher but try not to be alone without someone who can protect you for abot a month after that. Sometimes those bullies can be pretty rough, and they don't care if they get expelled.
Yes that's exacly what I'm going to do but words do mean more than you think but I'll take your advice aswell your really understanding thank you sooo much both of you xxxxxxxx
"Speak softly and carry a big stick."
Answered Mar 03, 2012
Tell a teacher. Tell a guidance counselor. Tell a principal. It's their responsibility to make sure students on campus are safe. Bullies usually just keep coming back for more.
Answered Mar 03, 2012
Yes I know but I'm in britian and britian has some really horrible bullies thanx I will tell the teacher and thank for telling me I would of gotton in trouble to if I said mean things to them your a big hellp
I agree. You need to tell your teachers. You can't handle multiple bullies by yourself. It is up to them to keep everyone in line.
Answered Mar 03, 2012

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