How much water does somebody has to drink to lose weight a day?

Asked Mar 02, 2012
Losing weight doesn't depend on how much water you drink, it depends on how much food you leave on your plate.
Answered Mar 02, 2012
Edited Mar 02, 2012
Yep, also depends on the kind of food that isn't left on your plate.
Very true.

If you could lose weight by drinking water wouldn't dehydrated people be fat?
Rob Mar 02, 2012
I wish all you had to do was drink water to lose weight! ... Actually, I wish you could lose weight by thinking about losing weight...

They say to drink more water so your body will release the water weight it's retaining, you stay hydrated while exercising, your body can eliminate the weight you're losing more easily, and so you feel full even though you're restricting calories.
It is recommended that you do increase your water intake WHILE you're eating healthy and doing regular exercise as part of a weight loss program. I've seen recommendations for anywhere from .5 oz to 1 oz water per pound of your current weight. So if you weigh 200 lbs, that would mean drinking 100-200 oz. of water. I've also seen recommendations to drink about a gallon of water. A gallon is 128 oz. Instead of getting wrapped up in the specifics, just focus on staying well hydrated.
Answered Mar 02, 2012

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