My girlfriend cheated and now she's pregnant what do I do?

She's my ex now. Today she texted me and told me that she hasn't gotten her period. I'm a girl too. I asked her if she took a test and she said no and then I asked her when the last time she had sex was and she said last month. When I found this out I broke up with her because obviously can't get pregnant by me and we haven't even had sex. I still love her but I just wanna die because she cheated on me with a guy. Do I ask her to take me back so we can take care of the baby? Or do I let her take care of the baby herself since she's not with the guy? Please help me ); I feel bad but she was stupid enough to have unprotected sex. I dont know..
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Asked Feb 29, 2012
I'm sorry this is happening. This is a tough call that only you can make. Just to be clear: You owe her nothing. She and the father are responsible for the child, NOT YOU.

First, you have to decide if you can trust her enough to be in a healthy relationship. Take your time to think about this. If your answer is no, there's no point in thinking about the baby.

If the answer is yes, she and the baby are a packaged deal. Raising a child is a life-changing, life-long decision. Don't just think about if you're willing to commit to a child today... are you willing to still be committed when it's a monstrous 2-year-old, or a teenager that you wish you could strangle? Do you want to run to soccer practice? Do you want to stay up all night working on a life-size Frankenstein for a project that the kid didn't tell you about until the day before (that's what I was doing Sunday night!)? Do you want to divert your earnings that could be going toward fun, vacations, or retirement into the kid's college funds. Kids are no joke. Do you even want to be a mother, or is your attachment to your ex clouding your decision. If you don't want to be a mother, there's no point in thinking about any of this.

But really, if you don't think you can feel respected in a relationship with your cheating ex, just walk away. You'd be well within your rights to do so.
Answered Feb 29, 2012

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