Why is communism such an unwanted system?

If you use Communism in certain ways, it could really work.
Asked Feb 25, 2012
"From each according to his ability, to each according to his need" is a slogan created by Karl Marx when communism was in it's infancy. It says that each of us should use our abilities to produce but the benefits for our production should be divided based on what we need.

When the theory was put in practice, there was little incentive for people to produce. Why work hard if it makes no difference in how you will be paid? Human behavior being what it is, when the rewards for accomplishment are taken away, the incentives go with it. If not for the potential profit envisioned in making computers, I would be writing this on a piece of paper with a lead pencil.

China has used communism in "certain ways" and evolved into a system that allows the people to enjoy more of the rewards of their work. Those changes in the economic part of the equation makes it more acceptable than the communes of the earlier days but the political control still exists.

Communism has always had problems winning elections. Most every instance is the result of governments being taken over and power being maintained by force. When put to a popular vote, communism seems to always lose. That says it's unpopular with the people which is ultimately the deciding factor and the answer to your question.
Answered Feb 25, 2012

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