I fucked my dad what should I do?

i was really horny last night so I went into my dads room and snuggled next to him next think I know he was fingering me and then fucking me! when he looked up and saw it was me he shit himself he thought it was his gf! I dont know what to do its awkward now
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Asked Feb 21, 2012
anon99 Sep 01, 2013
i suggest just talking about it with him
I Highly doubt this. He just had his eyes closed the entire time he fingering and screwing you? He didnt even notice the different body shape? If your going to waste peoples time do it somewhere else.

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Awkward????? If this is a true story which I doubt, your dad should dial 911 and ask them to send a therapist. In the small chance that it might be true, you should realize that he will be the one that goes to jail for a long time, not you.

It sounds more like a "verbal exhibitionism" story to me than a legitimate question.
Answered Feb 21, 2012
i completely agree
Me too!
Giggles Feb 22, 2012
i Agree..!!!!
Lenii2 Feb 22, 2012
I do too, you would have stopped him from having sex with you and you wouldn't have gone in his room in the first place.
Yea if havent gotten horny and was like " oh im horny lets go to my dads room and snuggle hahahahaha" that's ewww
On the off chance that this is a legitimate question...

Regardless of who your dad though was in his bed at first, YOU knew he was your dad and you made a choice to get into his bed feeling horny. You need therapy. Period. There is something seriously wrong here. This is not something a mentally healthy woman would have done.
Answered Feb 22, 2012
Edited Feb 22, 2012
Awesome words those are
well you shud have stoped him girl
Answered Aug 02, 2013
I think this (story) is not true......if it is you knew it was your dad!!!!!!!!!!!
Answered Aug 02, 2013
I think your dad would have known it was you tho...
I feel that it isn't something you can change or do anything about because it had already been done. I suppose you yourself are to be blamed to go to his room and snuggle with him. Though what I felt weird about was the fact that even knowing he's your dad, you didn't stop him when he's fingering you and you let him proceed on to the next stage which was having sex with you. This either means that you either have no control over your sexual urges or deep down in your heart you wanted it and there's nobody that could stop that. My advice, get it over and move on. If not, speak to him about it and try to make the effort to forget about the entire incident. Treat it as an "accident".
Answered Aug 02, 2013
Tell him to stop. You mustv'e enjoyed it since you didn't say to stop. Don't call the cops tho, if you/him didn't know, but next time don't crawl into a relatives bed feeling horny.
Answered Aug 10, 2013
ohhh well that relly weird tell your mom and don't worry about it a lot kk?
Answered Sep 07, 2013
Answered Sep 20, 2013
Ewwwe Ewwwe Ewwwe Ewwwe Ewwwe nasty
Answered Sep 29, 2013
If I were you I'd do the sme thing you did, snuggle up with him and see what he does
Answered Jan 01, 2014
well you are white, sooo... it's ok. you guys do that all the time. just invite your mom to join in a threesome and everything should be just fine.
take care
best regards
Answered Mar 17, 2014
wait wait wait!
WHH does ur dad has a GF, isn't he with your mother?!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!
Answered Apr 09, 2014
But if the mom and dad had split up, the dad may be dating someone new. If they later get married (In the small chance any of this is true) then she would be this hidden identity user's step-mom. If that makes sense.
If you knew it was your father why the hell would you go there anyway thats just sick girl dayum thats wrong eeewww if my husband did that to my daughter cause she was Horney that is just gross yous both need serious help !!! BAD
Answered Apr 13, 2014
Edited Apr 13, 2014
Don't stress about the question much, its formatted to be fake.
Fuck him again
Answered Apr 18, 2014
Incest ew
Answered Apr 19, 2014
Um... I doubt that the question is real... -_-"
Answered Oct 16, 2016
How was he. Did u enjoy him? Did he cum in u? Talk to him c how he feels.
Answered Aug 28, 2013
.... No. Just no. First off, this is a fake question. Second off, no. Nasty. No. Hypothetically, he's her dad for crying out loud.
Answered Apr 17, 2014
nyancat May 18, 2014

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