What is the size of 13 year old penis

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Asked Feb 20, 2012
Thanks just wanted to see if I was normal
Mines the exact same david2000
The size differs from person to person but average is supposed to be 4-5 inches but it is perfectly normal to be smaller than that.
Answered Feb 20, 2012
do u knw Jbz numba
Justin Biebers number? We are talking about the size of a penis.
There is no set size for any penis, not matter what age, body type or colour.
Answered Apr 20, 2012
Well I'm 12 and my penis is 4" erect so I'm guessing about 3-4" about normal but it's fine if your smaller
Answered Mar 10, 2012
All that matters is that your boyfriend thinks it's big enough. If it's not, he will find a larger one and you will find someone who likes yours.
Answered Apr 22, 2012
Mine is above average woooooo
Answered Jan 16, 2013
where do you start measuring?
Answered Feb 19, 2013
I'm 13 mine is 4 soft and 5 hard any questions email me at brandonb.f@comcast.net
Answered Mar 04, 2013
i am also 13 and mine is roughly 5 soft and 6.3 inches erect
Depends on sexual maturity, for example puberty, depends on race, etc, but it varies much, also probably at sge 13 it is about the size if you dad's penis when he was 13. But don't be fixed on size of a boy's penis more than size of his heart (his love for other people).
Answered Mar 11, 2013
Im 13 mine is 5 soft 7 1/2 hard but ive been told its above average
Answered Jun 02, 2013
wow man thats alot of strech from soft to hard is that even possible
Why do you mesure your dicks I never mesure I estimate
Answered Jun 11, 2013
me too
hard 4inch soft 3inch
Answered Jul 23, 2013
Can I ask something? I am 16 and my penis is 13 cm when full hard is that small? Please answer
Answered Mar 12, 2014
I havnt got a penis I gt a virgina
Answered Mar 10, 2012
if it aint an answer, dont put it as one.
What's that
im saying, she put this as an answer when it wasn't one.
Is a "virgina" a body part or a state? :-)
Rob Mar 11, 2012
ill go with body part for 1500

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