What am I supposed to do?

okay so here it is I am bi-sexual right and my boyfriend who is my bestfriends ex..we have been dating for almost a month and he lives not a long ways away well I guess so he lives about 4 hours away and when I see him we just get all hot and heavy but we dont have sex cause theres never enough time but since I dont get to have sex with him I fantasize about other people and this made him angry at first it made him angry then I told him that I was fantasizing about other girls and he said that was okay I mean im not a slut ive only had sex ounce but I want it all the time now and then when I cant have it I turn to porn and sure that gets me going for a while but after im done im sad because theres not a real person next to me then I analyze what I just watched and relize im more attracted to the girls does that make me a lesbian or not idk its all very confusing
Asked Feb 17, 2012
You are not a lesbian if you have an attraction for guys. I read in the textbook for my health class last year that there are two kinds of bisexuals: one can have an attraction for the opposite sex, but a deeper attraction to the same sex and vice versa.

Your craving for sex is nothing unnatural. Everyone gets that sometimes especially in their teens because your hormones are running wild. Don't worry about it although be careful not to get yourself addicted to the porn.
Answered Feb 17, 2012
Just relax and enjoy what you enjoy and allow yourself to be attracted to who ever you're attracted to. Don't worry about the label. Don't even think about it. When you know what you are, you'll just know. There's no need to analyze.

And your boyfriend reacted that way because he sees other guys as a threat, but he does not see other women as a threat.
Answered Feb 18, 2012

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