Does rice make me fat?

I really love rice and I love eating it and I was thinkin wt if im gaining weight? Does it really make me fat?? And can anyone give me an advice for a healthier diet?? Iam skinny actually and I want to keep my body as it is and I love chineese food?? Any ideas?? Im 13 btw :)
Asked Feb 17, 2012
It all depends on the ratio of how many calories you eat vs how many you burn. For every 3500 calories you eat that you don't burn, you gain one pound and you have to burn 3500 more than you eat to lose one. It's very difficult to measure how many you burn but understanding how it works helps. Look on the box the rice came in and it will list the calories.

I wouldn't worry about gaining a lot of weight from eating rice. Look at the people in countries where the principal diet is rice. You seldom see someone overweight. It's the cheeseburger, fries and shake culture that makes you grow horizontally.
Answered Feb 17, 2012
okay thanks :) and can u tell me how to keep my body as it is and I need some home exercises pls :)
The simplest and easiest is running. It burns a lot of calories, it's good for your health, doesn't require a lot of equipment and it's not boring.
Rob Feb 17, 2012
fine thanks Rob :)
I agree with the advice above, but I think you should know that white rice is by far one of the most fattening carbs. All you have to do is compare the nutrition facts to other carbs. Most starchy white foods are downright fattening. Try omitting rice for a few weeks and see if you notice a difference.
Answered Feb 17, 2012
What's really important is how the rice fits into your over all diet and exercise routine. Make sure you're eating brown and wild rice, not that nutrient depleted, "enriched" white rice.
Answered Feb 17, 2012
Edited Feb 17, 2012

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