I need help my bills

can any one help me I am 39 years old I have 9 kids and a wife I have 2sk drgee and 1st drgee burns on my right leg I draw food stamps and I have singed up for ssi I cant work becouse of my leg I have a paypal account and I need every one that can to help me with the money to pay my bills I owe 900.00 dollars for rent and light bill and water bill please if you dont help me please help my kids if I anit got the rent payed by nent monday we will be kicked out I dnt have any family I lost my mother last month please if you dont help me please help my kids and wife please I cant work becouse of my leg I am new at asking I hope that some one will help me I cant work my name is charlie mayberry thank you
Asked Feb 12, 2012
Contact social services in your area and see what they can do to help you. Also, look for non-profit aid organizations in your area that can help.
Answered Feb 12, 2012
i am asking becouse know one will help us
Maybe you are eligible for disability... or workers' comp if you were burned on the job. Don't give up. Keep looking for help in your area.
know one under stands we are going to lose every thing
There has to be an organization that can help. There have been crisis organizations in every city I've lived. If there is a Quaker Meeting in your area contact them. Quakers are great about things like this. Surely you qualify for emergency assistance. Call social services and talk to someone until you find a solution.
You have to understand that, for every person that solicits money on the Internet for legitimate reasons, there are hundreds that will do it illegitimately. You need to contact your local social service agency and/or some churches in your area that have the ability to verify the above information. That's your fastest route to a solution.
Answered Feb 12, 2012
i dont like asking I have asked all to help me thats being honset
Nobody is saying anything about your honesty. Taxpayers pay a lot of money for social service systems to insure people in situations like yours are taken care of. All you have to do is ask the right people whether you like it or not. I'm just saying the Internet isn't the right place to ask.
Rob Feb 12, 2012
i understand what you are saying and I respect that
Your utility companies might have a crisis type of program to help. For the rent, look if your city has a renters association or tenants rights. They might know options and resources to help you. Evictions take weeks if not months. Even if your landlord puts up a 3 or 5 day notice, you do not have to go that fast. It will hurt your credit more, but if u have to go, it gives u more time to figure out where to go. There is a whole legal process that has to happen. Learn about the process in your city and find out how to delay the steps. Tenants rights groups in your city, county, and state should know the tricks.
Answered Feb 12, 2012
i dont thank that will work
But have you *tried* all these options? If your back is really up against the wall, don't think yourself out of options. Try everything. Don't let your mind cut you off from something that might actually help... ESPECIALLY understanding how to use the eviction laws to your short term benefit.

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