I want to start a business at 19

i am 19 years old girl frm mumbai.i want earn to money since I like to be independent I am thinking to start my own firm.but I dont have money to invest.n also I dont to know which industry to choose so m clueless about this.bt I am intersted in doing.i am not getting any mentor to help for...plzzzzzz anybody can help me?????
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Anonymous User
Asked Feb 12, 2012
It is admirable that you are ambitious but starting a business because you want to earn money and be independent are the wrong reasons. You have to base it on what the public wants, not what you want.

A new business will survive if you can find an area where a demand isn't being met or is being met very inefficiently. You will need to develop a high degree of expertise in that area.

If you can think of products a lot of people in Mumbai are willing to buy but have trouble getting, supplying those goods or services will be your best opportunity for a new business.
Answered Feb 12, 2012
I agree completely. This is what I would have said, only Rob said it better... and with far fewer words.

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