Why wont my shaungma 9101 helicopter fly

Does anyone know why my RC Helicopter model 9101 spins on the ground but will not leave the ground?
Asked Feb 11, 2012
If the body is spinning in the opposite direction of the larger blades on top, you have a problem with the smaller blades on the back. They counter the torque of the larger blades to keep the body from spinning. If the smaller blades on the back are not turning or they are binding in a way that prohibits them from operating freely, it will produce those symptoms.
Answered Feb 11, 2012
Thankyou, How can I fix this?
It obviously depends on what the problem is. See if you can figure out what's not working and either fix or replace any broken parts. If it's binding, put some petroleum jelly (Vaseline) on the place with a Q-Tip.
Rob Feb 12, 2012
9101 bottom blade set have a tendency to be disengaged from the outer shaft hence losing drive making it spin on the ground and not fly, tighten the 2 screws that secure the blade grip to the shaft, I over tightened mine so I have glued the grip to the shaft with a tiny drop of super glue works a treat now, you can also strip it of and turn the grip upside down (make sure put the blades right way up on re-fitting ofc :p) in which case you can glue or tape the grip to the shaft, also a good idea to use sewing machine oil or hair clipper oil on the moving parts to keeps them nice and free
Answered Mar 23, 2012

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