I told my crush I like him!

Okay, so I finally got up the courage to tell my crush that I like him...to his face (yeah, I'm really proud to say that, sorry lol)!!! It was so awkward and after I told him, his response was "Okay." What's that supposed to mean??!! I really hope he likes me, because that took a lot of guts to do...I was shaking and reallly nervous. I wanna know so bad if he likes me or not!!! The whole reason I told him was because I thought there was a really good chance he liked me. But I'm not so sure anymore, I think I just made things super awkward. So should I ask him if he likes me or should I wait and see what happens??? I'm afraid if I don't do something we're gonna slowly stop talking to eachother and today after I told him it kind of seemed like he was avoiding me. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Help me!!!
Asked Feb 09, 2012
Edited Feb 09, 2012

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Good on you! The ball is in his court now. Give him a little space. If he feels the same he'll tell u since he knows u wont reject him. If he doesnt make a move in a couple of days, then you two dont feel the same way. Keep on ur cool brave face. Dont beg or ask him again. just wait to see how he goes with it.
Answered Feb 10, 2012
You shouldn't worry to much. That "Okay" can mean a lot of things. It might be an avoidence response (not to avoid you but to avoid telling you his feelings).It could go either way but since he has not started to ignore you at all I wouldn't worry aout it. Don't stress over it. If he does start to ignore you then, uh, ask again on here and maybe Rob will answer.
Answered Feb 09, 2012
if you love him really so you dont let him go you go and and tell him that you are made for him. also tell that you can do all the things for him and tell him to accept your love.
Answered Feb 15, 2012
im going to be honest it sounds like he is nervours but...... maybe he will come around dont preasur him it makes them nervouse and dont ask someone like one of your bff to ask him for you if he dosnt like you I dont think he will ever find a better girl than you he is missing out on you screw him!!!he is an ass if he dont !!!!
Answered Sep 07, 2012
If he said noting wat to do I am scared
Answered Oct 19, 2012
idk looser u suck
Answered Nov 06, 2012
I have the exact same situation. I wanted to tell him that I am sorry for being so blunt. I saw him today at school and he didn't look at me. I am also worried, but I remember that this situation has happened before to me. He had asked me out, and my parents said no. He said that he is tired of waiting, and doesn't like me anymore. I still had liked him. I gave it about 8 months of break, and then I had told him. I think he still likes me, although I cannot be sure. He acts all shy and refuses to touch me. Even hug me. I am confident that everything will be okay, with both of us. I wish you luck on your journey...
Answered Nov 28, 2012
I told him and he's like " lol, it's k... I don't know wat I'm supposed to say"... What is this supposed to mean..
~ confused..
Answered Dec 23, 2012
he doesn't feel the same way about you
Answered Jan 23, 2014
I told my crush I liked him too. This is how it all started me and my frend were talking about our crushes. Good thing he didnt overheard but all of a sudden he jumped in our conversation. And then asked me who you like? I said im not telling you he said why not?,if you tell me ill tell you my crush I said ok. So right after that class I walked him over to his class thats when he asked me whos your crush? I said you tell me first he said I like this girl named mariah. And I said Oh I LIKE YOU! And he just said ok. The next day not a single word he wont talk to me we ussally taked alot but he never came up to me and say hi I walked beside him sometimes and he just ignores me? Tha only thing he does is stare at me across the room what does that supposed to mean HELP!???!! I really like him and love him I dont wanna let him go ughhhhh :(
Answered Apr 27, 2014
Ok I really like this guy named bradly Simmons and he is NOT very cute but I don't care.I like his personality.Ok, so I told him and he said, "H E R" as a good thing.we are the same age and I want to know if I should ask him if he likes me,it's been a while since I told him and from him,NOTHING. Should I ask him?
Answered Oct 14, 2015
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