My guy friend suddenly ignores me! help!

I've got 3 guy friends and we always get along well for about half a year till now as we are all studying foundation class together.
One of my guy friend likes to joke around and make fun of me, he is the playful type. As time goes on, we got closer and he would come to my room to finished of his projects and went to school late together in the morning. When we went home together, the 4 of us, he would said that I should not walk behind alone and will walk with me. One time I was quite surprised that he told me about the person he was angry at and shared his feelings to me. Since then I knew him better and we, kind of, became best friends.
I really enjoy the time we spent together as a group and wanted it to last forever.

However, this guy suddenly ignores me now out of nowhere!
During exam, he stops talking to me.
At first he ignores me purposely and I can see him smiling playfully when he turn his face away from me. Therefore I thought that he is just playing, as usual.

However, the next day of exam, he really ignores me again. When the 3 of us gather up to discuss about the exam that we just did, he walks away first.
Things are getting weird and I finally asked other person in our group about what happened to him.(okay lets call the guy who ignores me V and C for the one that I turned to for answer)

C said that he doesnt know anything and told me not to think about it as he might be just playing around. However, he ignores me again the next day.
I feel that I need to talk to him thus at home, I asked him whats wrong with him in Skype chat.
He replied me saying nothing was wrong then I asked him why he ignores me, he replied 'no'.
i told him that I am sorry if I have done anything wrong or I have offended him. and he just said 'no, really.'
Last day of exam and he still doesnt talks to me.

At night I tried to chat with V and ask him whether we have homework or not.
He replied me with just 'no'
I felt angry as he was acting so cool. So I stop my chat.
After about 10 mins, he sent me a new chat saying 'hey, I'm not angry with you, really.'
I felt happy as he finally said something like that and replied 'I thought you were angry with me thats why you ignores me'
then he replied 'and therefore you asked C about it?'
this shows that C told him about me asking him.

Anyways, after that we have 1 week holiday and based on the chat we had, everything is going to be okay when school starts.

First day of semester I met him and one of our friend on the way to school, he was okay, he even teased me for wearing a weird jacket. When the teacher distributed our result, he even asked me how much do I get.
Surprisingly, on the same day, when the 4 of us were walking home together, he started acting weird again. When V saw me walking he side him, he moved in front leaving me behind. Luckily C was very kind to me and walked with me. I thought he was joking again, as he did smiled playfully when he ignored me that afternoon.
The next day he totally ignored me. He didn't even look at me. I tried saying hi but he didnt respond.

Again, I ask him in Skype chat playfully 'u have become selfish nowadays :p'
he said 'no'
then I replied him 'well then, don't be selfish tomorrow:D' hoping that he would not ignores me anymore.
To change the situation, I said 'HELLO V!' when I saw him the next day but he walks away as if he didnt hear anything.
He ignores me even more, walked away if I was near him. When I talked to the group he didn't listen to me or look at me.
This time there is no more 'playful smile' on his face when he ignored me. He seemed to be more serious.

Asked C about it again, but C said he doesn't know anything. I am sure he knows but he don't want to tell me. C keeps on asking me not to think about it as it is not important. C teased me saying that I might be in love with him because I care. But I said no, of course, I like being friends with them.

Finally, I feel tired in searching for the answer. I feel a little angry. The problem is that I didn't know what is my fault!

It has been 1 week, he ignores me totally.
and this one week, I stop asking about him, and even stop trying to say hello. Hey, I am a girl, I want to keep my image cool, haha..

Well, but yesterday I accidentally played one of our voice recording file. It was funny. uh...
I missed the moment when we have so much fun together, joking around laughing at silly things...
I want everything to be the same as last time... I remembered last day, after school, when he still talks to me he even playfully said I missed you, LOL

Actually I want to have him as my best friend, because he is very kind and fun!
but his happened...
We only have about half a year together as we might not be in the same university next year...

What should I do?
should I continues to ignore him?
or I should just pretend that nothing had happened and just smile when I see him?

sorry if my english is bad:(
Asked Feb 09, 2012
I think something might be troubling him although it is impossible to tell what. To be honest, I think that his actions are much stranger than what would usually result from this. And because of his very irratic behavior on whether he seems to like you or not leads me to believe that there might be a slight possibility that he has turned to something else for comfort. To be direct, he might be taking drugs. Either way it is most likely not your fault. You did nothing wrong and you shuld not beat yourself up about it. If you can find proof that he is taking drugs, then try to talk to him and find out what is bothering him. If you can't get through to him then contact a therapist or psychiatrist. Remember this is just a thought, he might not be taking drugs at all.

My advice is don't ignore him completely, but don't act overly friendly either.
Answered Feb 09, 2012
Edited Feb 09, 2012
Your description sounds like he is doing something he doesn't really want to do. Is "C" a manipulative person? Could it be that "C" and "V" have made some kind of deal. Maybe "C" would like to date you but you give all of your attention to "V" so "V" agreed to bow out?
Answered Feb 09, 2012
Edited Feb 09, 2012
I think he likes you! But maybe you talk about other guys with him? I dunno? maybe he gets jealous when you talk to other guys? Maybe you should try and get him alone and talk to him! confront him! chances are its not that bad! but yeah confront him hopefully he tells you whats wrong if not just ignore him and show him that his childish games arent getting you down :)
Answered Feb 20, 2012
question why would a guy ghost u multiple times then come back to talk to u again u asked him he never responded he has time and time again flirted with me
Answered Sep 28, 2017

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