Can someone please help?

normally id be able to figure the problem out on my own but basically im dating this girl
I really like her I find her cute, smart, funny, trusting, trustworthy, social, athletic and basically I just really really like her
its like when im with her I just wanna stay with her
i want to just want to make her happy because seeing her smile and hearing her laugh are like the best things to me

then there is the issue with my one of my best friends and pretty much I like this girl too.
like my girlfriend she is beautiful, outgoing, funny, smart, amazing sense of humor, always just trying to have fun with life and I just always love to be with her
its like when im with her I just want to have her in my arms and not let go

now im really confused
i dont know what to do really
I dont know who to choose
and why am I feeling like this for both of them?
(pretty much all 16 if thats needed)
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Feb 07, 2012
ask both of them if they love you then whoevers answer you like the most go with them
Generally, when people can't pick, that's an indication that even though they think they really do like them both, what's actually happening is that they don't like either of them "enough." ... because if they/you did, there would be no conflict. It would be easy to tell which one to go for.

Do they both like you back? That's really important. If only one likes you back, that narrows it down. If neither of them likes you... well, that really narrows it down.

There's no rush, unless someone is being led on and feelings could be hurt. Just relax, give it time, and the choice will become clearer.
Answered Feb 07, 2012

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