Can my 19 year old boyfriend get in trouble? (I'm 17)

We started dating when I was 15 and he was 17. We have never had vaginal sex, but we have went as far as oral. He never lets me send him pics of myself to him like bikini pics or anything because he said if his phone would get in the wrong hands he could get in trouble. Is that true? Can someone help me?
Asked Feb 07, 2012
Your boyfriend and Rob are right. It's just not a good idea. Even though YOU didn't plan to put it on the internet, it's tough to know what could happen in the life of a digital photo. What if his phone was stolen? Or if you break up and his next gf finds it and wants to hurt you with it. You never know. When you make a digital image, just assume you're taking it for the entire world, and make your decision based on that. Better safe than sorry.
Answered Feb 07, 2012
Edited Feb 07, 2012
Oh, for the love of GOD! I just wanted to know if he actually could get in trouble from the picture! Like because of our ages.. would it be considered child pornography?
Ask a clearer question, get a clearer answer...

From what I understand, I think it depends on whether the pose is sexually suggestive, but that would be up to a judge's interpretation if it ever got that far. Illegal or not, it's a stupid and unnecessary risk to take. He was smart to delete it. You weren't smart to send it, because of that issue and everything else Rob and I said. Don't do it again.
I agree with your boyfriend. At any age, never put a photo on the Internet that you are not willing to share with the world. Once you click the send button, you've lost control of it forever.
Answered Feb 07, 2012
I would not be putting anything on the internet. I took a picture of myself in my bikini on his cell phone, and he deleted it. But that is not even the main point of my question. I wanted to know if he could get in trouble for having the picture. That was something I didn't think about. Or could he get in trouble for the oral?
For the oral, see my answer to your other question:
I soooo agree with that sexting thing. Once you send that picture its in everyone elses hands.

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