How do I work out the surface area of a hipped roof

How do I work out the surface area of a hipped roof 8.7m X 9.8 . rafter length 5.4 hip length roughly7m ridge length 1.1m must be an easy calculation for this do not have a pitch degree
Asked Feb 06, 2012
Edited Feb 06, 2012
You don't have to get into the angle. Consider every area as a flat area and measure the width at exactly half the height then multiply that by the height. For example if it's 8m on the vertical (as a flat area from the apex to the bottom edge), measure the width at 4m up and multiply that by 8m. The amount that it's less on the top half will be the same as the amount it's greater on the bottom. Calculate every area as a separate "flat area" and add them up.

Add a bundle for the material that will be cut off.
Answered Feb 06, 2012
Edited Feb 06, 2012
Thanks Rob get what you mean but I dont have that half height measurement without the degrees or going up on the roof,your help is much appreciated
Builder Feb 06, 2012
It would be the width measured at half the length of the center rafters that runs from the ridge to the eaves multiplied by the length of the center rafters.
Rob Feb 06, 2012
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Answered Feb 02, 2016

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