How would I know if my boyfriend is obsess with me

my boyfriend is jealous if other guys are showing me some attention, he checks my cell hone, and always want to have sex with me even if he forces me, and he won't let me break up with him, he told me if you fucken leave me i'll kill you, or hurt someone in your family... then he said it again I love you Mildred...?????

i'm confused
Asked Feb 05, 2012
If a situation ever reaches the point that you *have* to ask this question, it's out of control.

There is nothing to be confused about. THIS IS NOT LOVE. This is not a relationship. You are a hostage.

From what you've written, it sounds like he is obsessed... like you are in immediate danger... like he has repeatedly raped you... like he has made threats against your life and the lives of your relatives... like you need a restraining order and police protection... like you need to look into pressing rape and assault charges... and like he needs to be locked up so he's off the streets and can't get to you or another woman.

Contact the police and a local domestic violence center / crisis line now. Call the police non-emergency number to get info on filing a restraining order.
Answered Feb 05, 2012
Edited Feb 06, 2012
If you have to question if he is obsessed, like if you cant tell, then you need to get counseling too. Do what sky said.
Answered Feb 05, 2012
Yes, a therapist sounds like a great idea.
He might be blinded by his love for you and is terrified of losing you. He is very extreme with his actions and threats, but at least he loves you. It does, however put you in a very bad position.
He also might be putting on a big show about how much her loves you when really he is just using your love for him against you. Either way, if you can't get him to relax, and he won't stop threatening you and forcing you to have sex, the only thing to do is get help from the police.
Answered Feb 05, 2012

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