Is it safe to pierce your own tragus?

What jewelry to use? Will it hurt?
Asked Jan 28, 2012
Why it will hurt more and is risky unless you are a pro piecer I tried to pried my ears by myself and hurt loads more and just about worked but if it goes wrong you will have to have sugary so I wouldn't take the risk
Answered Jan 28, 2012
ouch dont do it!
Answered Jan 28, 2012
Search "pierce your own tragus safely" and you'll get tons of links and YT vids. I would think the safety of it depends on being super, duper, hyper, incredibly sanitary about EVERYTHING. Maybe better to go to a clean, reputable piercer that you can potentially hold liable for any mess ups. Plus, you'd hate to flinch involuntarily and misplace the hole.
Answered Jan 28, 2012
Edited Jan 29, 2012
wat is a tragus. is that your ear?

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