I really want to date this one girl, but there are many problems.

Well here are all my problems:

1. First of all, this other girl likes me (a lot) and I did for a while too, but once I started to like the other girl, I started to not like the other girl that liked me so much. I feel really bad about it, and we have already gotten so far and I would feel really bad about letting that one girl down. And that has been probably the biggest problem out of them all.

2. I already suffer from paranoia, and when the girl I like is around me, I get VERY paranoid. I've never been that paranoid before. I have been managing my previous paranoia problems before, but now it just started again. So the problem would be that when I'm around her, my paranoia comes back!

3. I can NEVER talk to her. Recently, she said that we would be really good friends if we just talked to each other (since we like the same things). So the next day at school, I tried to talk to her, but I really couldn't! I felt like I literally couldn't move to get to her!

Even with all these problems, it would seem that I have never had experience with girls. But I have had plenty of girlfriends before, and I never felt this nervous around them!

Any help will be appreciated. :-)
Asked Jan 28, 2012
For whatever reason, there are many cases where two people just can't get on the same wavelength. Being able to communicate is the key to making a good relationship happen. If you can't talk to her, she makes you nervous; even paranoid, why are you pursuing this? Couldn't that be a sign that maybe she just isn't the girl for you?
Answered Jan 28, 2012

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