Is Religion the cause of war?

I'm doing a research paper on whether or not religion is the cause of war, and I'm not looking for anyone to answer the question for me; I just need some help in thinking about the type's of question that I should ask and look into while researching this topic, basically I need help in coming up with some starbursting ideas, and in case people don't know what it means. Starbursting is a form of brainstorming that focuses on generating questions rather than answers. So basically can anyone help me generate questions when concerning "Religion is the cause of war" please help.
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Asked Jan 24, 2012
Look into the possibility of a flaw in human thinking about survival. There are four levels of survival: (1) Your self, (2) Your family and immediate circle of friends, (3) Your religion and nationality and (4) All of mankind. People are willing to fight in wars because they consider their religion and nationality important enough to kill other human beings on it's behalf. Is that a flaw? What if survival of human life was a higher priority than survival of your religion or nation? What if the political and religious leaders declared war and nobody showed up to fight?
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Well it can be in some cases but if this is for school are you allowed to use the Internet and I wouldn't use the Internet for that you aren't [email protected]
Answered Jan 24, 2012
My views about war: I. Religlion
II. Greed/power
III. Land
IV. Hate
V. Desire for their other beliefs

Here are some ideas you can research that relate to causes of war
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Religeon definately is a major cause of war. Certainly not the only cause but still a big one. People make war because of many different reasons, two of them being religeous differences, and because something in their religion tells them to. People get influence from their religeon. Some good (like motivation to do good things to others), and some bad (like giving a bad impression of a race or culture that can sometimes lead to war). Unfortunately I cannot think of any questions to ask for you, but I hope that this will be good.
Answered Jan 24, 2012
Well, personally, I believe that's definitely a possibility as to why there is war in the world. What with the different religions and what not in the world, there's bound to be some sort of beef between countries that are predominantly a certain religion and an opposing religion. If you ask me, it's foolish that it even IS a possibility simply because it's not that hard to coexist with one another. Apparently those countries who are prejudiced against an opposing religious country hasn't caught on. But whatever tickles their peaches, you know?
Answered Jul 06, 2012
in some cases yes actually in most ancient wars religion was the cause and in some modern wars the answer is yes like in in the case of Hitler he started out prosocuting jewish and homosexuals because of his religion and the Revolutionary war started when British came to America for religous freedom and most wars in anciet times in middle eastern areas were started like the muslim leader started wars because of his religeon
Answered Feb 05, 2013
i think land or whose country is better are the causes of war I don't know haha
Answered Apr 22, 2013
The bible says at Matthew 22:39 to love our neighbors. But religious leaders throughout the world have zealously supported and promoted warfare. They have preached love, peace and goodness but have practiced hatred, war and ungodliness. What religion can you think of that does not go to war? I can only think of one Jehovah's Witnesses. The bible tells us how to search for the right religion at Matthew 7:15-20. How do you know a good tree? By the fruit it produces. It is the same with religion, there are alot of religions that claim to serve God. But you know not just by what they say but also their actions. Is what they preach in harmony with the with the bible, and is way they act in harmony with the bible.

A website I found to be very helpful in answering alot of my questions and using the bible to answer is You can look all the scriptures from the bible.
Answered Nov 29, 2013
Many many wars are started because of religion, even today. Another cause of war is greed, be it greed for power control wealth land etc.
Answered Nov 29, 2013

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