I hd sex a week & five days after my period (once),is there a possibility that am pregnant?

Asked Jan 24, 2012
It depends on how close you were to ovulating. When isn't the only important factor. If it was unprotected, then your chances increase exponentially. Confirm with a pregnancy test. I said a lot more about avoiding pregnancy here:

In many responses, Rob has cited this information: "The web page below has nine links at the bottom. If you understand all of the information on those pages, you will clearly understand how it works and the risks of different behaviors."

Planned Parenthood:
Answered Jan 24, 2012
Yea,it was unprotected,and it was just once I had it... And am yet to see my period.
maryam Jan 24, 2012
I know this is a little after the fact, but assume you're going to get pregnant when you have unprotected sex and don't do it. It only takes one time. It's just too risky. Take a test, and promise yourself you'll protect yourself in the future. That the panic you probably feel right now is not worth it and do several of the things I mentioned in the first link. Take care of yourself.

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