What does a caring person do?

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Asked Jan 23, 2012
Listen. Try to be helpful and supportive.
Answered Jan 23, 2012
Help people when you can. Try to make someones life better if possible.
Answered Jan 23, 2012
I. Help others when able.
II. Spend time with others when needed for emotional support.
III. Desire to love life
IV. Vouniteer work
V. Devoted to our world, with a positive outlook, not to hurt the world.
VI. Remorse for the less, hurt, or for the pain in the world.

People who care feel the pain and feel bad.
People who care always have compassion for life.
People who care follow "Jesus Christ"
Answered Jan 24, 2012
People that care for people and respect somebody or people
Answered Jan 24, 2012
They think about the things they care about and act on their concerns. Caring isn't a franchise of any particular religion. Anybody can do it regardless of what they believe.
Answered Jan 24, 2012
Answered Apr 26, 2013
A caring person listens to you and cares about other people. For example when you need help at something that person listens and helps you.
Answered Oct 18, 2013

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