I have pulled out all of my hair due to Trichotillomania, now how do I grow my hair back?

I'm DESPERATE for my beautiful hair back. I have pulled all of it out except for a little patch in the back on my neck. My hair is growing slowly, but I need it to grow faster.
Asked Jan 22, 2012
The first step is to make sure you've gained control of your urge to pull it out. If you haven't already, see a counselor to try to determine what's going on with you.

Once you're sure you're over that, get a wig and a bucket load of patience. Eat a lot of gelatin (like Jello). You have to accept the fact that the growing process is slow; on average about an inch per month.
Answered Jan 22, 2012
I second the suggestion that you see a counselor if you dont have one already.
In addition to what Rob said, you can try Jamaican Black Castor Oil. It's natural and works on all ethnicities. You can get it from Amazon. Here is some video info:
Answered Jan 22, 2012
What he said. The best thing is a wig and patience. You can take some vitamins to help speed it up a little. Don't try any hair growth products. Most of them are loaded with chemicals and are very dangerous. Some of those chemicals have even been related to cancer.
Answered Jan 22, 2012
Edited Jan 22, 2012
Patience, like everyone else said, and also wear a wig if you want. My cousin suffered from Trichotillomania, and she's a hair stylist and makeup artist. Once her hair grew to a length she could actually do something with it, it looked SO cute! You can even dye your short hair once it grows back. Now, even though she doesn't pull her hair out anymore, she kept it at the length she had it because it's so cute! So if you keep waiting, it will eventually get to a length were you can work with it. Who knows, you may love it! :)
Answered Aug 25, 2012
Don't lose hope because Reloxe can help you to grow you hair back that's what I used when I had hair loss but since I used it was totally grew back my fallen hair.
Answered Apr 11, 2013

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