I am on breaking point.

Well.. I am bisexual and I've known for a while. I feel like I want to tell people? But I am really afraid. I was going to tell my friend lastnight.. I've known him since I was 2 and he is a nice guy.. I don't think of him anymore than a brother.. But as I started the subject he said that ''All gays should die''. I asked him what about bisexuals? And he said ''All of them''.

What do I do? I really am afraid to tell people.

ANOTHER problem is that,

I have a bestfriend called Alice.. she is Bisexual too, I told her that I was and she took it amazingly. But I'm falling for her.. I wonder what will happen if I tell her that I like her.. Would it turn out bad or good? I hate to think I won't be able to tell her how I feel as I'm moving soon.

ALSO, my mum is having an Affair with my dad. She's told me, my brother, my sister and some friends.. I feel like I'm lying to him everyday.

I guess you can say that I'm depressed? I often think about what my life would be like when I'm older and that is what keeps me from hurting myself.

I just need to know? Does life get better. I'm 16 and really need someone who can give me a little bit of hope.

Explain to me what I should do? What is the best way? Should I tell her?

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Asked Jan 22, 2012
It does get better. I truly believe my teen years were the worst of my life. (I'm 34 now.)

It sounds like you could use someone to talk to... someone who can give you prolonged support as you sort this all out... someone who can do more than we can here. Is there a guidance counselor or a trusted adult you can confide in? If not, a friend of mine told me this chat site really helps her.
Answered Jan 22, 2012
Crisischat.org is helpful. I use them when I need it.
+ Life is what we make off it.
+ Life puts us choices, we need to choose wisely.
+ Life is full of conflict, we need to view it in positive way, work it with what you got, and never give up. When we give up, we live once, remember that. We need to discover what works for us in this life. Seek the help that works for you no matter what it is.
+ People who judge you for being you, is wrong! It is better to be you and never live a lie. People who do not accept you for you are "NOT TRUE" to you. The world is full of people who like you for you not your bi or whatever beliefs.
+ I am sorry people treat you like that and you live in fear. Wish it wasn't that way.
+ Remeber never let people scare you, they did not make you. Its the soul that matters, where does the soul go after life???? People can not put you in hell or heaven. F__K Them and they do not like you GUESS WHAT??? SUCKS TO BE THEM. I learn that when I was 14yrs old. "You do not like me; sucks to be you" Because I like me, and I have a desire beyound others.
Answered Jan 23, 2012
I think that you should definately tell her There wouldn't be too much of resistance or racism from other people because that would be consdered straight. The others here can give you more detailed advice on how to go about starting a relationship with her (if she agrees) but I think that if you do feel strongly about her that you should tell her how you feel.
Answered Jan 22, 2012
you should tell her, she might like you too but you may never know unless you tell her dont be shy I have problems with telling everyone else too, only my family and my best friend knows, doesnt mean you should be you seem like a great person she probably likes you so dont be afraid
Answered Aug 13, 2012

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