I know of a guy (19) and a girl (15 soon to be 16) .

I know of a guy (19) and a girl (15 soon to be 16) and they have taken things very slow. They have been on a few dates, nothing more than a kiss on the cheek and cuddles, but aren't dating because they want to wait til'she is 16..

Do you think that is the right thing to do?
Asked Jan 21, 2012
What those of us who answer questions here think doesn't really matter. The real answer depends on what the 15 year old's parents consider the "right thing to do." If there are problems, they will come from the local laws, how they're enforced and how much of an issue the girl's parents are willing to make of it. We don't know any of that. I would advise the guy to let the parents get to know him and try to set some ground rules that all can agree to.
Answered Jan 21, 2012
I agree with Rob and would add that the guy needs to get very familiar with the particular laws in his area. In many areas, "dating" a minor isn't recognized. Instead, it's classified as a crime called soliciting a minor. Some states have stricter penalties if there is more than an 2 year age difference. Also, in some places her parents could be charged for negligence for allowing the relationship. He needs to fully understand what he's risking depending on where he is.

If she or her parents get upset with him, they can always call the police. If I knew him, I would advise him not to take the risk.
Answered Jan 21, 2012

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