Bad Stomach pain

Fir 7 years every now and again I get very bad pain right under my breast bone and the only way of relieving it is to make my self vomit or if it gets to painful I have to go into hospital for Morphine. Yet no-one can tell me whats wrong I have had all the tests and scans. Any one else like this ?
Asked Jan 11, 2012
i had this same problem today after eating some waffle house. It only happened to me once before in my life. I can literally feel the food traveling through my digestive track as slow as Christmas and it feels like razor blades all the way down and then it gets stuck and aches until apparently I vomit. Also causes severe back and chest pain and brings me to my knees as it worsens. haven't pin pointed the source but i'm going to go with Contaminated Food. Going to get these leftovers tested for salmonella or whatever germs would cause this.
frozen1 Jun 01, 2013
tried maximum strength zantac first and pain slightly subsided but then came back with a vengeance as if I angered it. So i'm convinced it's not a gas related problem though it seemed to cause some gas
frozen1 Jun 01, 2013
If vomiting relieves the pain, it sounds like pressure from acid and gas that probably wasn't there when they did the tests. Try taking an over-the-counter anti-acid pill the next time it happens. If it causes you to belch and relieves the pain that's the source. It can be brought on by certain foods or stress. If you find the source, don't just keep taking the anti-acid, try to find what's causing it and eliminate the cause.
Answered Jan 11, 2012
I get a moderate pain in the same location from time to time... I would rate it as "very uncomfortable" sometimes to "Oooooh, feels like an internal organ might rupture".

Gas. I usually end up belching up a storm about 30minutes later. My wife loves it (sarcasm)

If its gas in the stomach, vomiting would relieve it directly. If its in the upper intestine, emptying the stomach would relieve pressure.

*Disclaimer: For me, its gas. The symptoms of my issue simply sound very much like your symptoms. Your underlying cause may be different. I'm not a doctor and am not claiming to diagnose you.
Answered Jan 12, 2012
I agree with you on not attempting to diagnose medical problems on EHelp. In this case, if chrisron has been "into hospital for Morphine" and "had all the tests and scans" without relief, it sounds like the floor is open for further suggestions. Sometimes it's the simple stuff.
Rob Jan 12, 2012
could be a reaction to a food that you have sometimes???????
Answered Jan 12, 2012

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