Will I be in a airborne unit

Will I be in a airborne unit?
enlisted as a 13f (foxtrot) in the us army and have airborne school in my contract. and I am wondering what my chances of getting into a airborne unit are. another thing is that I never asked for airbornce school to be in my contract they just said I had to have it, if I want the job. basic= ft. benning. AIT=ft.sill, BAC=ft. benning. and im also wondering why they are shipping me to fort benning then fort sill and back to fort benning. any help appreciated.

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by the way I already have it in my contract, I just want to know if I will be in a actual unite. and I never actually asked for it they just offered that job 13f to me and I accepted it and I also didnt ask for airborne they said I had to have it for the 13f job
Asked Jan 06, 2012
* BCT is Basic Combat training

* AIT is Advanced Individual Training. The 13F course is six weeks for Fire Support Specialist at Ft. Sill. "The training course provides a working knowledge for skill level 1 Fire Support Specialist in the following areas: Map Reading, Land Navigation, Observed Fire Procedures, Digital Operations, Fire Support Team Vehicle Maintenance, and Laser Operations. Some of the topics covered in the course include methods of computing target locations, ammunition-handling techniques, gun, missile and rocket system operations, and artillery tactics. "

* BAC is Basic Airborne Course.
1st Battalion, 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment, Ft. Benning

The reason they return you to Benning is for the jump school. Different bases have different facilities. The skills you will learn in the 13F course are skills needed for airborne soldiers. Why would they spend the money to send you to school if you aren't going to be in such a unit?
Answered Jan 07, 2012
Edited Jan 07, 2012
If you do not wish to be airborne tell your AIT NCO and that can be stopped. It is totally voluntary, you can be in the BAC and stop when you want. It would be better to get it changed before going there. A person can terminate jump status when they want, thus not being in Airborne units anymore. It is a skill not a MOS.
Answered Jan 11, 2014

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