What to tell a girl when she asks what you think about her

Well thanks of you can help...
Asked Jan 02, 2012
do u like her?
tell her the truth. dont lie just to make her feel good. trust me, i'm a 13 year old girl, and I know how stupid I feel when a guy tells me what I wanna hear just to make me feel good. if she has any rrspect for you, or for herself, she'll understand that whatever you tell her is the truth, and if its not what she wants to hear, oh well, at least you told the truth. girls like a guy thats honest, not fake.
Answered Jan 03, 2012
What's wrong with telling her what you think? She asked.
Answered Jan 02, 2012
Question is a little mystery. Isn't it?
If it is good, tell her the truth.
If you really do not have positive thoughts, be nice about it.

Once again, you are not too detailed. I am trying to figure you out, but for a simple good example: If I have a friend, who is good in teaching English. Yet, my friend keeps trying to Math and no one can understand them.

I would say, "You are great at English; people really like you for that. Math isn't your strongest point. English is all you."

I would be honest, not lie, and no put them down. I would dwell on what they are good at, not what they suck at. You know what I mean? (if that is the issue here)

If it's a dating issue then that's the tough one, but explain your question better so people can help better.

Answered Jan 02, 2012
Edited Jan 02, 2012

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