I need help finding work, I'm 27 and I have a BBA and I'm having a hard time finding work. Help me.

I tend to get told I'm over qualified for jobs, or they prefer someone who speaks Spanish. I've applied everywhere you can think of, I'm not too good to make 7.50 an hr. Yet, I see tons of people with High School Diplomas with jobs and or butt kissers and they are immature as ever. My family says its my attitude and I have to step out on faith but I'm telling the truth this economy is garbage and jobs don't seem to want to hire an educated person unless they kiss butt... I don't get it, what does it take to find a job around here?
Asked Jan 01, 2012
Edited Jan 01, 2012
right now, I am seeking a teaching degree. My long term goal is to get a PhD in psychology. I want to work with depressed (pre)teens.

If I can not find these jobs here, I am moving until I do.
Also make sure your friendly and honest when in a interview.
Dress for the right job, do not over dress or under dress.

Answered Jan 01, 2012
okay thanks for the advice, I do dress the part, im friendly, my answer are good.. I dont know what else they would want to hear. I may just have to move like you said.
I have friend's applied in different states and got job offers. So yeah, I mean why waste it. Apply everywhere. Some people will not move because of family and friends but people do not realize they do not pay your bills and you always make new friends.
When an employer labels you as over qualified, they're saying you aren't a good fit for the position because you can find a better position... that you aren't a good investment for the company because you'll be in a better job someplace else by the time they get you trained... that'll you're settling for them and will move on as soon as you get the opportunity.

As an employer, I would suggest that you tailor your resume and cover letter more closely for the job you're applying for and play it up or down accordingly. For example, if the job requires that you know Language A, don't tell them that you're fluent in Languages A-M and can speak them all simultaneously while doing back flips under water while chewing gum. Just tell them what they need to know to see that you're a good fit for what the position and company. Have a "smart" resume and a "dumb" resume, and submit accordingly along with that tailored cover letter.

I don't consider this to be dishonest.

Remember, the supervisor who's hiring you won't want to hire someone who can potentially do *their* job better than they can!
Answered Jan 02, 2012
On a busy morning in early summer I had a 15 year old kid come in the front door of my business and ask, "Who owns this place?" It kinda annoyed me. I replied, I do, why?" He asked, "Have you looked out back lately?" Thinking something was seriously wrong, I started outside around the building. As we walked he said, "The place is a real mess." Now I was really annoyed but he quickly followed that up with, "I'll clean it up for you for twenty bucks." He was right, it was a mess so I said OK.

About two PM, he came back in the door looking like he had been dragged through the dirt and said, "Come out here and take a look." He had done a flawless job, it looked like a city park. Back inside I gave him his money and thanked him. As I walked away, he asked, "What do you want me to do next?" I was too busy to think about it so I replied, "Come back in the morning."

Every morning he was standing at the door. I would give him something to do to get him out of my hair. He painted, nailed, stacked, whatever I could think of that day. This went on for a couple months before I realized I'd officially hired him. After school started, he worked afternoons and stayed there after he graduated from H.S. Years later, I financed the business for him and he owns it now.

My point is that education and resumes are great but the go-getter will always nail down the job. Act like you expect to be hired. Take the time to learn what they do and think about how you can make their business more efficient, more profitable or less hassle for the owner/manager. And, like the young man that followed me in the driver's seat, always ask, "When do I start?"
Answered Jan 02, 2012
Edited Jan 02, 2012

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