My laptop has a blue screen.

When I switch on my laptop (Toshiba Satellite Pro A50) I get the infamous blue screen.

I've tried to format the hard disk but it won't let me as it says the files are in use.

It ran on XP Home edition when I first bought it in 2004 and ran perfectly until it suddenly started slowing down a year ago. A colleague installed XP Pro (after formatting it) and it worked ok. I installed SKYPE and a Swedish keyboard (I live in Sweden but the laptop is from the UK). Then the blue screen appeared. I unplugged the keyboard and the SKYPE headset but still get the blue screen. The text on the screen said something about 'drivers'. I've even tried installing the original XP Home over the top but it doesn't even start whern I put the disk in the drive. It doesn't recognise it.

Asked Jan 01, 2012
If it's running XP, hit the F-8 key and boot into safe mode without loading the drivers. If you can do that, go to Start > Run and type MSConfig in the text box. See if you can find the driver for the Swedish keyboard and disable it. Comment behind this and let me know what happens.

If you can't get to the F-8 prompt, look in the BIOS for hardware problems like it's not recognizing the hard drive.

Answered Jan 01, 2012
Edited Jan 01, 2012
Hi Rob.

Many thanks for your promp reply, and apologies for my late reply. I'll try your suggestion tomorrow (Wednesday) and get back to you.
Hi Rob.

Well, I tried EVERYTHING you much of it as the laptop would let me anyway. It wouldn't let me start in safe mode without the drivers (F8 didn't seem to function) and it wouldn't let me run MSConfig as you suggested. I tried all manner of System Restore and other things like Help And Support, but nothing worked. A message came on the screen saying "System Restore can't save your computer."
If you can't access the features that control the machine like the Run command, Safe mode etc., plus, considering the wording of that message, it sounds like a virus. You may have to reformat and set the machine up again. Before you do that, I'd get in touch with either Toshiba or the people you bought it from to see if they have any better suggestions.

Rob Jan 04, 2012
Hi Rob.

I tried formatting the disk, but it wouldn't let me. A window came onto the screen telling me that some files/programs were in use (but none were open) and that I couldn't format the disk.

If it's a virus, and I can't do anything, I reckon I need a sledgehammer to smash the laptop! A new hard disk is expensive, and there's no guarantee that it'll start-up when I put the original recovery disk in the drive.
First ask Toshiba for any suggestions. If none:
To reformat, find an old windows 95 startup disk, boot the machine from that disk and type exactly: Format C:
Select Fat 32 file format
Once that is done, put your XP installation disk in and reinstall XP.
Go to Toshiba's web site, downnload the correct drivers for that machine and install them.
Go to Microsoft Download and install all of the updates and you should be back in business.
Rob Jan 04, 2012
In addition to what Rob said, I'd recommend running a system restore. A system restore will revert your system to a previous state without affecting your personal files, documents, and etc. To run the restore boot into safe mode as Rob stated then click:

Start-> All Programs -> System Tools -> System Restore

Then follow the prompt on screen.
Answered Jan 02, 2012
Hi night_angel.

Many thanks for your prompt reply, and apologies for my rather late reply.

One of the first things I tried was a System Restore, but it didn't work. I tried everything that came up when I started in Safe Mode, and that didn't work either. But I'll try Rob's suggestion tomorrow (Wednesday). It that doesn't work, I'll buy a hammer and smash the laptop to smithereens!
Hi night_angel.

I tried everything that you and Rob suggested (please see my message tro Rob above). Do you have a sledgehammer that I can borrow?
Only other thing I can think of for you to do is to plug the hard drive up to another machine and run a program called wipe disk.

Download link:

Run it and you'll have a clean hard drive. After that the only thing to do is reinstall windows.
Hi night_angel.

I'll try it if the suggestions from Rob (and even Toshiba...if they have any!) don't work.

But many, many thanks for your continued support.

My laptop has blue screen and want let me do anything dont no wat to do
Answered Dec 30, 2013
Blue Screen of death, bug check screen, the stop error screen or BSoD is caused due to fatal error or the error caused by your PC. After getting this error your system crashes and you are unable to perform anything. To resolve this error and to access your system you need to use a repair tool that can fix this issue. Reimage Repair Tool is the professional repair tool that can easily eliminates will help you to resolve this issue.
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Answered Mar 29, 2014
• Click on the start button on the computer
• Type System Restore within the Search box and hit Enter
• Click on System Restore (when you see System Restore pop in the list of search results).
• Make sure the “Recommended restore” radio button is checked on the restore utility window.
• Click on Next and follow the directions given.

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Answered Jan 19, 2016

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