I am 22 and I think alot of sex I want to distract my mind from that can some body tell me how to do

when ever I see a girl I think of have sex with her even the teachers so can some body help me in that and I want a gf till now I did not have a gf. I am alone here and none of my friends are there with me
Asked Dec 30, 2011
It's totally normal for a 22-year-old guy to think about sex often. If the thoughts bother you, then keep yourself busy doing other things... Or, um, take matters into your own hands (if you know what I mean) or get a Fleshlight.
Answered Dec 30, 2011
Shy dancer is 100% right.

The older you get; your mind should mature where you are not thinking about sex too much. When you are young adult, you are new to the certain appealing aspects of life, such as sex.

If you have friends, that is a great start for many relationships to come. Be friends now and later when others are ready you will find a girlfriend. Take your time.

However, one night stands are not the answer. You can, to calm your demands of your body and your age, but it might cause a lot of future conflict and it isn't right just to sleep around. If you do, that is your deal.

Sex also is also a great way to destress when life is a large conflict.

Other than that, I agree with skydancer. Try that and do not let the desires of the body take your over. Even talking to someone about it can help.

Just do things you like to do and if you are with a girl, always remain stay around a lot of people. No sneaking off.
Answered Dec 30, 2011
Edited Dec 30, 2011

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