Part 2: Boys Boys Boys

Ok, so I am down to two guys instead of three. That is because I got over the one that barely notices since I figured out I dont really like him. But the other two are still on my mind. The one I sit next to in one of my classes is now a good friend and he still teases, but he is really nice to me. The other guy who has my last class with me is still the same and I dont think about him as much. But if I do think about him, my mind goes to the first guy.
The problem is, I dont know if the first guy likes me more than a friend. So for me, its annoying. I just want to know the true feelings!
Asked Dec 29, 2011
You can "go out" with them. On your "dates" ask them how they feel about you.

If they both "like you like that" be friends for a while and be honest. Date the one who fits you best.

If you are not sure, than just don't date now, because you need time to think. Maybe you just need to take a break and talk to other people. Never know.
Answered Dec 29, 2011
you sound a little young and confused. MAybe all you need os a little girl time to clear you head out. Find out which guy flows in your mind more, which guy you dream about. If you REALLY have a major crush on someone you care for then you will have dreams about them or where they appear... THINKKK. <3 <33 WISH U LUCK (:
Answered Sep 27, 2012
gay fag, this is what is wrong with the world... you dont fucking like guys, your messed in the fucking brain. this is what god cries too. wanker!
Answered Jul 15, 2013
the first guy
Answered Aug 01, 2013

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