Why is she so angry with me? is she that in love with me, or is she obssessed?

i never liked her like that and we stopped talkin well, she contacted me after a year of anger and biterness and not speaking she wanted to date me and I decline well she calls and says hey lets catch up and I said im going to decline and then she said oh I just wanted to say hi and so I went a head and broke it down for her I told her I dont feel comfortable around her due to her threatening me as in (TRY ME if you left them) and lyin to her family sayin that she dont know why I dont come around etc... but I stated that we can speak on the phone until I felt comfortable starting back to hang out with her. and she replied its okay, everything is fine. no hard feelings and now she wont speak to me. she never apologized for the way she treated me either. now wouldnt you think that she had something set up to possibly hurt me and still may try and hurt me? would you watch your back after something like that? would you give her another chance? wouldnt you find it odd that now she dont want to talk to you, why would someone take that personally if there were no feelings period. wouldnt you think this person was still in love with you? im 28 shes 33 and has 2 kids. this is like a slap in the face. theres times I miss her but shes not understanding how I feel, its like its her way or no way based off how everything went? whats your take, I did text her happy holidays she said same to you and miss spelled you. I never thought id lose someone over something like this,.why would she be so ANGRY? why cant she accpet a friendship?

Asked Dec 26, 2011

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First, I wouldn't criticize someone for misspelling "you" at the end of your longest run-on sentence in history.

The two of you aren't communicating at the level it takes for a working relationship. Your choices are to either continue the hassle or find someone you can talk to. I like the latter.

Answered Dec 26, 2011
Edited Dec 27, 2011
The two of you seem to have a really nutty/unhealthy chemistry. I agree with Rob: you two aren't communicating well at all. Who has time or energy for mind games? I say cut your losses and walk away.
Answered Dec 27, 2011
Just break it off and go with someone else.

Life's too short for games. Stop living with blind eyes unless you like the drama.

They are so many girls out there that are real. Find friends and be real.
Answered Dec 28, 2011
just break away and find a new girl. theres no point in staying with her and just getting messed with. there r other people out there. and y does it matter if she misspelled you? good luck.
Answered Jan 30, 2012

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