How can I tell if my best friend who is a girl likes me?

Ok so I met this girl in 6th grade and she instantly became my best friend. We liked all of the same things and both have went through similar things. So we kinda just clicked. 7th we started parting ways but in eighth we reconciled. on my bday she gave me a bracelet and a card she wrote to which said "i love you so much you dont even know ;D" and one day after school we waited for our rides and she said "why dont you txt me anymore? I miss texting you, I miss you" and I told her cause my phone broke and that I missed her too though. anyways when I got my phone a couple weeks after that we were texting nonstop and we eventually went out with my friends to see a movie. After we went to the hotel next door and waited for our rides.4 f us sat down on a three person couch. me and her sat next to eachother and got pretty close and our hands were practically touching. when one of my friends got up I told her theres more room now and all she said was o yea huh but didnt move. when we got home she posted a status on fb saying "i had a great night" and I liked it she then commented saying "you know why right? :))" and I put yea :) then she liked it. the couch incident was the only time we really talked that whole night :). haha and one day over summer she invited me and only me to go to the movies with her fam? does this mean something? this year we have 1st period together and I sometimes look up to find her looking at me and she quickly blushes, smiles and turns away. Also I asked what her type was and her answers describe me. She tells me she likes this one guy though but a couple days after I asked her if she still liked him but she said nah im over him. she sends me random pictures of herslef asking for my opinion. She always calls me names like boo and baby girl and stuff like that. One day I walked her to her dance class and one of her friends asked whos waiting for you then she pointed at me and then she said something (i couldnt hear what) but then her firnd looked at me and back at her and said awwww like in how cute or sweet or somehting. And another day after school I asked what she wanted for christmas and she quickly said "hmm lets see you" and we both started laughing but she never said im just kidding.I dont know if it was a joke though. then I told her the same thing, that I wanted her for xmas and she just laughed and smiled. She always asks me who I like too but I dont say anything cause the answer is her. Sorry this is long but I need an answer. I love her so much and I just want to know if theres a possibility that she likes me. If she does I would ask her out but then again i'm scared that it would ruin the friendship we just got back. Thank you for listening :)
Asked Dec 24, 2011
You mean "reading." :)
I say go for it girl, I think i'm in love with one of my bffs, just can't stop, espically she
told me her sexualilty, and I told her were the same.
It just said the key word "friendship." Just be friends according to their ages life is full of tricks and twist. It's best to be friends and see where it goes. Yet they is no for sure answer. We do not know the future. I make friends, loose friends, and make more friends. It's part of life. I have few friends I talk too since I was a child in another state where I grew up and they never stop talking to me. They are my "true" Friends."

Truth about friends is you need to find your click. Where do you fit in? Where do you belong? Ideas to be yourself and not fake who you are. usually these will be the friends who will linger and remain.

As far as the relationship thing will just let her lead you into it to see so you do not scare her away or anything stupid. Besides it gives you time to think what you want. When you are sure it's right go with it. Life takes time and a lot of thought and beware of people can change quick
Answered Dec 24, 2011
i think if you love her the best thing to do is jus be honest and upfront about it, seriously, you probably will read this and think.. no I cant do that.. but trust me, I was in the same situation and I told the girl I loved her and it took a lot for her to say it back but she said it,and now we've been together for 7 years and still going strong, shes my everything, jus jump and pray to god that she catches you
Answered Jan 09, 2012
Thank you sooo much!!! :D I will do my best :)
How exactly did she react when you told her though? Was she in denial?
dude! just aske her, you wont know until you try ;) ILOVEYOU!<3
Answered Jan 16, 2012
talk to her! otherwise you will regret not asking, she clearly seems to be giving hints and if she doesnt have feelings then for that would be a weird way of 'just being friends' =p

ask her, talk to her or in fact ask her to watch a movie just you two and see how she responds, but dont try anything too quickly...

after tht see how it goes

Answered Jan 16, 2012
Thank you so much this actually helped :)! <3 also a school dance is coming up, do you think I should ask her to go just as friends?

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