I am a girl and I love a girl what can I do?

i am a girl. and and I love a girl and I like to be friend with each other what shoud I do?
i am a little shy too she is so beatiful
Asked Dec 23, 2011
You need to read the other questions related to this one, but I will make it easy and tell ya.

I. Are you friends with this girl already? It doesn't sound you are. Well make friends.

II. If two like the same things, that is a ground for a friendship. You will differ from people a little bit, yet remember you need to have some in common.

III. Do not rush into relationship, love, dating, or whatever. She might not be that way. Sometimes it is best to be friends and it is better to be friends than have nothing at all.

IV. If she is into girls, I am sure she will show you somehow. Let her lead you a little bit, just note it could be mixed singles and might have nothing to do with being lesbian. You do not want to scare her. To find out I would talk about how she feels about gay or lesbian couples to feel it out, but please note she finds out you are and she might not like it. It's a roll of a dice.

V. I hope I helped. People in 2011 heading to 2012 are strange these days. I know for me being a "guy" where I didn't grow up; makes it hard on me to get a girl, because it is like I move out of the country. Also most girls I connect with somewhat are taken. One is not which I have a chance with, but anyways goodluck.
Answered Dec 23, 2011

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