Can I get pregnant after regular unprotected sex and get m period aftr 2days

I've been on the injection for 3years and I waited for this last 1 to past by.. To either get m period or start using the pill.. But while on the injection I use to get a period for 2days bfor it was time to get the follow up.. So me and m bf hav regular unprotected sex and I've been waiting for m "2day period" bcoz I knw its time for the follow up injection.. Me and him had sex on sunday night and during monday night I started m period and its been going.. I decided to go on the pill but now I dono wether 2 start it or not coz if I may b pregnant what's the use... And the past week I've been eating like crazy.. And foods that are supose 2 make u full! Like pasta bread meat biltong craving things I've neve eaten b4!!! What's up?? What do I do?? HELP
Can I be pregnant from a the previous weeks sex??
Asked Dec 20, 2011

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You should look up the usage information on both the method you're getting off of and the one you're going to and follow their instructions exactly. In the meantime, take a pregnancy test and use a condom if you aren't pregnant until you're through the transition.

Make sure you understand the 9 points at the bottom of the web page below:
Answered Dec 20, 2011

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