Ok so my say his stuff isnt working and its been months, yet we got in a fight now it works I just

think he has been cheating. I'd been going with out we gwt in a fight he dumps me then the next day hes srry and now it works again. What do u think? I'm confussed and hurt.
Asked Dec 18, 2011
His behavior is normal for someone who just made up after a fight. Wait a few weeks to see if he's really changed. In addition to cheating, it's also possible that he had time to think about it and seriously realizes how much you mean to him. Other possibilities to consider are porn addiction, alcoholism and ED. The missing ingredient here is honest communication between both of you. Communicating always works better than fighting. If he would post his side of the story here, what do you think he'd say about you?
Answered Dec 19, 2011
Yeah what would he say about you?

What is going on? They are 2 sides two the story, however cheating is the way to deal with it. I think you guys have to sit down and talk. If you can talk that is a good sign and listen to each other.

You have to give and so does he a little bit. However, why did he cheat on you?
Was it something you did? Was he drunk? Was he confused? Or was he just lusting and doesn't care for you? I will leave you to decide that one.

Sit and talk likewise and see if you guys can get back tract. Note: Everyone has problems but the question is can you 2 deal with each others as well as being loyal? If not then you will always having issues.

If someone cheats on me. I would give them one chance to prove the will not do it anymore and if they do it again. I will end it, because I need to realize more girls out there and looking for what is real not living a lie.
Answered Dec 19, 2011

Is he cheating you on his Phone? Does he text and call at all times? Do you want to know your partner's caller??
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Answered Jul 01, 2016

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