I like my best friend's brother?

Okay, so my best friend's brother is a year younger than me and my best friend and he's really cute and sweet. We always say hi to eachother in the hallway at school and occasionally I will talk to him at recess. During the past summer when I first met him at her house I really liked him. Anyways, so here's the situation. We had a school dance last night, and he was there. I kept going up to him and dancing by him and trying to get him to dance. Once, he and his classmates were in a circle so I went over there to see what was going on. I walked up behind him and put one of my arms around him and the other on his shoulder and asked what was going on. He was caught a little off guard, but he didn't pull away. And then a little after that this kid in his class was like to him "So, (name) are you going to dance with (my name)?" And then I was like yeah and I put my arms around him again. Then after that me and my other friends once in a while went by him and then when a slow song came on, me and my friend who likes to joke around with him askes him to dance. He was like no, your my sister's bestfriend your weird. And we kept asking and putting our hands on his shoulders and tryin to dance with him lol. but after that we just left and went by our grade. Then, he went to go get pop and I asked him if could have some of his and he let me. For a little while things were pretty calm, I didnt really go by him too much, but then the YMCA came on, and I did it with him. During the song he had a cramp so he went to go sit down and I knelt down by his chair and I asked him who he was gonna dance with and he said me but then he said no not you your weird your my sisters best friend and he told me that he didnt feel like talking so then I said fine, but your gonna miss me. so I left and went by my friends. then after a while, the two last slow songs came on and I went by him and said please dance with me and he denied and denied and denied. I kept persuading him and touching him and at one point I said you know you want to, and then his face got all red and he started laughing and then I started tickling him and all the kids in his class were like come on dude just dance with her. and he kept saying no and his face was really red. And then after the two slow songs the last song came on of the night, and he said oh well looks like I cant dance with you and then I said yeah you still can and he said this isnt a slow song and I said so? and then I put my hands on his shoulders and he pulled away and I said well okay then you just broke my heart and I hugged him and said bye and I left and partied a lot to the last song with my friends. and durkng the song he came over to me and said i'm sorry I was so mean to you and I said it was okay. he did that a lot. like if I came over to him for a little then he would come back to me.
but ayways, he doesnt know that I like him and I just pretended it was all a joke. So do you think I should tell him that I like him or do you think he would be creeped out? and do you think he likes me? I think he does just a little maybe...thanks guys. :)
P.S. My best friend doesn't know that I like her brother but I'm planning on telling her sometime soon.
Asked Dec 17, 2011
Edited Dec 17, 2011
Likewise I been telling others Keep it as friends until they realize they like you. Yet sometimes it doesn't work that way, others will come along...

A) You can give him space for a few days and than just start over and be a friend. Act like nothing happened.
he might fall for you sooner or later.
People fall in love because of friendship when they like being with the person and use to them. Yet some people choose do not date friends because they are scared to ruin a friendship.

B) You can just tell him how you feel and you understand you are sorry and want to be friends if that is alright with him.

C) You can act like it was a joke, but good luck with that because I think by now he knows the truth, so I do not think he will fall for it.

D) I think Choice A is the best way to go. Unless someone says something better never know or Choice B.

Yet I wouldn't stress it because that can be annoying to people.

Btw: You might take in consideration that you might secretly like you and is not ready yet. That is also a possibly I could see here. I have to note your ages and sometimes young people like people but not into that stage yet where they feel comfortable to share it yet.
Answered Dec 17, 2011
Edited Dec 17, 2011
It sounds like he is just embarrassed.

It's hard to do, but the best thing to do is probably to be direct. Put all your cards on the table in private. Let him know that you like him and want a serious answer as to whether he feels the same way. If so, you guys are not going to care what your peers think in a few years anyway, so he should try to work past any embarrassment. If not, then move on or stay friends---but give it space for a while.

One thing you might want to do first, however, is talk to your friend to see how she would feel about you dating her brother. This, of course, depends upon how good of a friend she is, how long she has been your friend, and how important that friendship is to you. But if it is important, you might want to talk to her first since your long term friendships with your female friends might tend to last longer than early crushes.

Answered Nov 04, 2012

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