I'm having lesbian thoughts about my best friend, help?

My best friend and I have kind of always flirted with eachother, like playfully. sometimes she'll come up to me and slap my ass or i'll catch her staring at me, but she's never tried anything really physical. When we text or message, she always brings up personal things and flirts. Like, she'll call me sexy or tell me I have an amazing body. she asks me about masterbating and all that stuff that most girl friends dont, and I know shes been bicurious but now she claaaims that shes straight. But lately I've been having sexual thoughts abotu her, I really want to go down on her or even make out with her. she wants to get drunk with me and I dont know if I should try to bust a move or if it will ruin the frienship. PLEASE HELP! <3 <3
Asked Dec 17, 2011
She might jut be an open person as nothing to do with being lesbian.

If you really want to know. I would not be drinking with her, because you will take advantage of her. Also she when she is sober she might really hate you for it.
Thank again maybe she needs to get a little buzz, because most girl's go to feel comfortable around guys. That's what they say, yet I would not really know, because I do not go for those kind of girls.

If you 2 are that close, most likely you can talk to her about it and she what she says, because I do not believe she will hate you. It doesn't sound like it, but it just sound like she's leading you on in that way.

Answered Dec 17, 2011
Edited Dec 17, 2011
yup I agree
Ummm, in my opinion most "best" friends or even close friends act this way. I don't take it a lesbian kind of way though. We're joking with many of my friends about it like "Ok, they making out- we're the next, let's go." or some stupid stuff like that. So ya, doesn't really seem so strange about me.. But of course, I may be wrong. Talk with her delicately and find out more.
Answered Dec 17, 2011
Hey I was just like you and me and my bff love each other we are bi it worked out for me so it will with you
Answered Feb 05, 2013
I went through the same thing with my BFF she called me beautiful and said that my tits were amazing we acted all lesbian but I am bi she isn't to we had to stop because of me. But my new BFF she doesn't care we always joke around with stuff like that but I feel like I really am in love with her I told her I was serious and she hugged me than kissed me and said she know. But I am engaged and hoping to marry so but she makes things really complicated.
Answered Sep 23, 2013
I have feelings for my friend, she told me she's bi, and after she told me I thought about myself being bi.
But I figured out that I'm not buy I think girls are hot, I'd have lesbian sex with a woman but I would never want a relationship maybe that's how you feel?
Also if I do want to try stuff with my friend what should I say to he, because she always tells me how beautiful she thinks I am so what should I say?
Answered Feb 17, 2014
I'm not bi, but my best friend is. We'd always have lesbian sex & do it in fun positions too. We'd make out all the time & always feel up on each other, like we'd literally just be bored and be like "wanna have sex?" Lol. I watch lesbian porn & find woman attractive but I know I'm not bi b/c she'd always go down on me and finger me but I wasn't ever interested in doing that to her. I never would want to be in a relationship with a woman I just think the sex is so fun. So even though this message is old, for future reference there's no harm in simply asking if they're interested in doing that with you. I mean my best friend had feelings for me but we never let it ruin our friendship & we still went on and dated other people but whenever we were single we were each other's fuck buddies lol. There's no harm in asking your bestie if she's down to make out & have sex, if you guys are super comfortable it shouldn't be an issue.
Answered Oct 21, 2016

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