I still feel bad is that wrong?

okay so last year I was depressed and this other kid dakota was depressed and we just had sex and after it was over it went around my entire school and I got labeled as a slut and it was my first time but I didnt feel anything emotionally it was kind of like eh whatever and then I started to feel bad but I moved away and never saw him again and I still think about it alot I really think I should have waited
Asked Dec 14, 2011
You made a mistake. You regret it. You learned from it. There's no need to continue to punish yourself for your lapse in judgement. Forgive yourself. Now that you know better, do better. That's all you can do. :-)
Answered Dec 14, 2011
No need to say anymore really, except that this is a very common phenomena.
Ok yes you made a mistake.
Now let us look at the reason why.
Sometimes in life we choose to so something wrong because the moment concept.
How are feeling at the time? What is going on in your life at the time.
So according to this you will choose something you think will make you content.
A lot of time later you will regret it.

As far people calling you a slut. People are going to talk good or bad for the rest of your life, thus they do not matter.
You live around 100yrs and than pass on.
People are not important. It's what you do in life.

Sluts are girls who enjoy sex and want more. They are addicts like people who drink, smoke,etc...

So just think about why you did it and learn from it. Do not let it happen it again.
Answered Dec 16, 2011
Whats wrong with having sex? its two people getting together and having fun... and yea maybe you couldnt think straight bc you were depressed, but AT THE TIME it seemed right and AT THE TIME it was okay, and the only reason why your worried now is bc your over thinking it and your thinking differently than the way you used to.
You grow, and as you grow you see things differently! dont put pressure on yourself!

what matters is now not yesterday... and plus, you can say you have more experience and thus! you are better in bed ;)

ps sluts are girls who sell themselves and dress (in fact hardly dress) and im assuming since you were so offended you are not like that...

STAY WELL! were only human =)
Answered Jan 17, 2012
thanks :)

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