How to tell a girl I like her? im a girl too and im afraid of what shell say or do after teelin her?

I met this girl, she a friend of my best friend. Out of know where I sent her pm on Facebook a month ago.,since then we do a lot of texting everyday..she's straight and I dont know why she text me everyday and told me that I make her smile.
Asked Dec 14, 2011
If you can, get her into a general conversation about female relationships without mentioning how either of you may feel about it, you may find an answer. Example: You say, "I was at the bus stop this morning and this girl walked up to me and asked me to go out with her. I didn't know what to say to her. What would you have said?" Then try to stay on the subject until you have a good idea how she feels about it.

Don't ask her a direct question about herself and don't tell her anything about how you feel. If she is very negative, agree with her and accept the idea it's just a friendship. If she seems interested like asking, "What did she look like?" reply like, "Not as cute as you."

If she is interested, she'll respond. If she isn't, no damage will have been done.

Answered Dec 14, 2011
Edited Dec 14, 2011
well it depends how do you feel about this girl do you really love her
do you think about her all the time
Answered Dec 14, 2011
yes ive been spending most of my tym thinking about her..i myt love her? and im too afraid that she might not text me anymore if I tell her wat I feel..i really dont know waht to do...
im have the same problem, im in middle school but I really like this girl, and I heard only once that she was lesbian but im pretty sure its only a rumor, but I think about her a lot, but I let out my secret to a few friends in elementry school, but by the end of the year everybody knew. I really like her and I dont know what to do
Answered Oct 10, 2012

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