I am a girl and I get aroused by girls what does that mean?

i tried watching porn(which I love) and I noticed I dont foucus on the boys I focus on the girls can anyone help me I dont want to feel this way. I like 1 boy and ive had sex with 1 boy but I didnt enjoy it please help me.
Asked Dec 13, 2011
Sorry I didn't mean to scare you, but I agree with Sky dancer. I didn't know how young you were too, but just don't sweat it, and I believe on this topic the best thing to talk to older women. I have a way different point of view from others but Good luck to you again.
Relax. Relax. Relax. It's ok. You don't have to figure this out now. You don't have to attach a label to yourself. No matter what you feel, try giving yourself to feel it. Often trying to force ourselves not to feel what we feel causes even more damage, worse damage. Take a break. Think about your birthday instead. Come back to it when you've been able to calm down a bit and get a little space.

I personally don't believe sexual orientation is as fixed as most of us think. I've known women who were exclusively into women for years, then only wanted to be with men, and vice versa. Sometimes things change. Sometimes they don't. Either way, it's ok. Just relax...

So cool down, don't panic, and when you're ready to come back to this, think about talking to a sympathetic guidance counselor or support hotline.

Also, it could be that you and the guy just didn't have strong enough chemistry, or were too nervous (don't read that as a suggestion to be promiscuous to gather more data!) ... could be a number of things. I identify as heterosexual and I'm married to a man that I fully enjoy being with, but I like looking at womens' bodies more. I don't know why and I don't care.

So just relax and don't fixate on finding a label for anything. You don't have to figure out anything right now. Just let things be. You'll know when you know.
Answered Dec 13, 2011
Edited Dec 13, 2011
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Well, I think you are sexually attracted to girls. Depending on your age you need to find out who are you? It's confusing, but for example. A man can be gay and still like girls in the art way. He will not sleep with a girl, so if you are watching movies in the sexual way. Maybe you are just curious as well.
I do not know your beliefs about right or wrong.
I do not want to go there, but maybe you need to explore to get rid of these feelings or except them. I am not sure if that helped but good luck. It's your point of view and if you do like girls that is between you and your God. Just be real with yourself. Living a lie can cause depression, and other conflicts.
Truth hurts but when you can except it for what it is. Think of the good things when it seems bad.
Answered Dec 13, 2011
i have tried to date other guys but I still like girls I dont know its been this way for the past 2 years I am 14 my birthdays in 19 days and ill be 15 but I dont want to feel this way help me I cant do this I cant feel this way
liliblitz17, you're probably more afraid of the label and what comes with it than then feeling. Just breathe. :-) Don't think about labels.
She's right think about what makes you happy and only you. People are going to talk about you rather you are right or wrong. people suck hate to admit it. But do what makes you happy, what you think is right, and forget people.
Maybe you do not like girls, but want to look like that or be like that. Ever think about that? If you looking at girls maybe it's jealously or wishing you can be that. You know?
you know what be your self if you like boys you like boys if you like girls you like girl dont change be yourself mate cause in the end it comes to u =)
Answered Dec 13, 2011
yeah I guess so but its hard because I feel like if I accept this then its it for me I and I know that my best friends are all goody two shoes and super Christan if I tell them then I will have no one and I dont like being alone and it sucks becausei only have 4 friends as is spokane is the type of place where people turn the other cheek until a murder or a suicide happens I just know if I feel this way its going to cause a whole bunch of other problems
Well, if you can't be yourself with them, and you aren't comfortable with them, and you don't think they'll love you no matter what, maybe they aren't your friends. You're in a tough spot. I say this over and over to lgbt teens who feel isolated: focus on your school work and get into a college with an active lgbt community.
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