Shiny pokemon

Is there an easier way to catch shiny pokemon in black? the masuda method is out of question until my @#!*% wifi works. any help? I just started hunting in the elite four cave. 100 RE so far. also tell me bout urs if u hve ny.thnks:)
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Asked Dec 12, 2011
Edited Jan 30, 2012
What's wrong with your WiFi?
Answered Dec 13, 2011
actually its probly not the wifi. its the dsi. I make an acsses point then it says testing conection. five minutes later it says connection failed error code and I forget the number.
Next time you try I would write down the connection error code and google it to see what's wrong.
o! u gave me an idea! I got a huge booklet with the dsi! I bet its in there! thnk!
it works now!! thnx
I think something is wrong with your dsi.Everytime My dsi XL does that,it means something is wrong.So I take it to the shop and they fix it!That is probably a warning of something wrong in the dsi's cording,or it mechanic stuff,They fixed it up a few years ago and it hasn't done it again since.So you may need to go to a shop.BUT NOT GAME STOP!THEY WILL LIE STRAIT TO YOUR FACE!
Answered Mar 21, 2014

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