Could a 12 year old girl be pregnant even though she hasnt had sex?

Could a 12 year old girl be pregnant even though she hasnt had sex? I noticed that i'm a bit chubbier then usual and my weight has gone up 2 kgs in 1 month. I havent had sex though. Could I be pregnant?
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Asked Dec 11, 2011
Being pregnant requires the transfer of sperm from a male into your body. That can happen in other ways than the typical sex act however; by touching with sperm on the hands for example. If you've had absolutely no contact of any kind with male sperm, you are not pregnant.
Answered Dec 11, 2011
There once was a case when a 9 year old went swimming in a public pool, and there was sperm in the pool, and it got in her body while she was swimming.
But, honestly, it could be your hormones, and you're overeating.
If you're worried, you can always talk to your parent/guardian, another relative, or your school nurse.
Answered May 22, 2013
Never. Ever. Going. In. A. Pool. Again.
OMG a pool?? O.o

Awww dammit and I was going to my friend's party this weekend THAT'S AT A POOL!!
A POOL?!?! OMG I am never ever swimming in a pool again..
Are there female only pools??
sorry, but Unless your boyfriend is Really potent, you are are just gaining weight.
Answered May 08, 2013
Usually your fat burns off once you get taller, because you stretch. You're not pregnant, I can guarantee that, because I ate a lot of food at Disney World & thought since me & my best friend hugged, I was pregnant :(.

But that was when I was seven, so...
Answered May 29, 2013

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