Attorney–Client Confidentiality

Please describe the concept of attorney–client confidentiality and its importance to the criminal justice system. Also I need someone to discuss the major concerns involved in maintaining confidentiality. Help needed, thank you.
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Asked Dec 10, 2011
An attorney cannot successfully represent a client unless they understand everything behind the issue. They have to understand what set of facts might be out there that could surface in the future and seriously damage their case.

If their clients could not provide that information without the assurance that it remains between them and the attorney, then they would keep the information to themselves. The result would be a justice system based on who is the most skillful liar rather than a process for discovering the truth.

To maintain confidentiality an attorney must share information on a need-to-know basis. For an example, you have to give the information to your investigator but you don't make it a topic for discussion at lunch. Everybody with access to the information must operate on the age-old rule that "What you see here and what you hear here, stays here when you leave here."

Answered Dec 10, 2011
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