Help-please answer these 2 questions-it will take one minute

I would really really appreciate it if anyone could answer these 2 questions for me-its for my statistics term paper. Which one of these 4 (driver, cruiser, rider, or navigator) would you be? And what is your favorite ice cream flavor out of: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, neapolitan?

Know what they want and how to get there!
Communicates quickly, gets to the point
Sometimes tactless and brusque
Can be an “ends justify the means” type of person
Hardworking, high energy ?Does not shy away from conflict

Natural salesmen or story-tellers
Warm and enthusiastic
Good motivators, communicators
Can be competitive
Can tend to exaggerate, leave out facts and details
Sometimes would rather talk about things than do them!

Kind-hearted people who avoid conflict
Can blend into any situation well
Can appear wishy-washy Has difficulty with firm decisions
Often loves art, music and poetry Highly sensitive
Can be quiet and soft-spoken

Highly detail oriented people
Can have a difficult time making decisions without ALL the facts
Make great accounts and engineers
Tend to be highly critical people
Can tend to be pessimistic in nature
Very perceptive
Asked Dec 09, 2011
Strawberry and driver. If I can't drive at least let me navigate. :-)
Answered Dec 09, 2011
Edited Dec 10, 2011

Strawberry, but it has to be organic and vegan with real strawberries... none of that artificial flavoring stuff.

... and I drive a Navigator... a red one... lol. Making me wonder about things.... What is the source/significance of these questions? I'm wondering what kind of subliminal choice I may have made...
Answered Dec 09, 2011
Edited Dec 09, 2011
I think the point of answering this question is that he is gathering infomation about us and then take us over one by one, so I aswered it anyway cause I dont care.
Kiruse Feb 08, 2013
Cruiser and chocolate
Answered Feb 03, 2013
Rider and vanilla
Answered Feb 08, 2013
I'm most likely rider or navigator. I like vanilla, but I don't eat ice cream anyways lol ima chip person
Answered May 14, 2014
I'm definitely a rider. I have often been described exactly like that. In fact I write love poetry. And chocolate ice cream of course. I'm a chocoholic to be honest. Absolutely love chocolate.
Answered Jan 29, 2015
Strawberry and driver. DEF!
Answered Apr 11, 2015

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