I would like to travel on my own!

I am 21 years old, work, and also go to college full time. This spring break I would like to travel on my own for 2 weeks but every time I talk to my parents about it they range in anger towards me and I have always had trouble expressing my feelings to my family. I have always been fearful of my father because he was abusive to me when I was younger and used to hit me a lot. At this point in time where there is no level of understanding and letting me learn things on my own what should I do? Go without their permission or try to get their permission once again?

I would like advices not judgments
Asked Dec 05, 2011

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Hmmm... the answer depends on who's paying your bills. If you're self-sufficient, do what you want. If they're paying for school, living expenses, etc., then maybe start a scrapbook or Pinterest board (www.pinterest.com) of places you'd like to visit and learn to save on any budget. Learn how to manage your finances well so that you can afford to travel and have the experiences you want when the purse strings are cut.

And start to research the places that captivate you. I love anything Lonely Planet.

Maybe connect with other friends who are interested in travel. Your parents are probably more concerned about the "alone" part than the "travel" part. If you've got a travel buddy, they may be more amenable to the idea of a "safe" trip as a graduation gift or something like that. Introduce the idea of a travel companion and see if that gets you any further. Suggest domestic trips so they can feel like they can get to you if something goes awry.
Answered Dec 05, 2011
Edited Dec 06, 2011
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Answered Nov 10, 2012
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Answered Jan 13, 2014
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Answered Jul 15, 2014
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Answered Dec 26, 2015
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Answered Jan 02, 2017

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