Interesting aspect of Christianity

What is the most interesting aspect about Christianity to you that clearly separates it from a more traditional religion such as Islam, Buddhism, Mormonism, or anything else. I need help immediately.

It doesn't even have to be an aspect about christianity, it can be about some other religion, just please someone help with some information.

I'm sorry but I don't quite understand your answer, is your answer, answering my question in regards to what the interesting aspect of christianity is to you? If it is, it isn't answering my question of what separates that religion from the others I've listed. Please respond. I would really appreciate it :)

Can someone please help by fully answering my question? PLEASE!
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Anonymous User
Asked Dec 05, 2011
Edited Dec 05, 2011
I'll try again. My understanding of your question was, what do I find the most interesting aspect of Christianity. It is that the Christian religion, like some others, teach that only those that share their brand of religion will go to heaven.

When I look at a starlit sky and consider that some of the light I see arriving here on earth is completing a journey of millions of years, I cannot deny there is a creator of this gigantic universe that has survived so long. But when I look at the history of our religions, where they started and how they spread, it fascinates me that they ignore everything beyond our skies and treat the subject it as if it all happened here on Earth within a relatively short period of time; at the most, five thousand years.

Judaism, and then Christianity started in the Middle East, then spread to Europe and beyond. But over the same time period there were people in Africa, Asia, Australia, Native Americans and many more that are excluded from the afterlife because they were/are not Christian.

My fascination is how and why Christianity believes the Creator of our vast universe would choose one tiny, fairly new planet in at least a multi-million year old system, then choose one religion on that planet that constitutes only about 20 percent of the planet's population to give them the exclusive "keys to the kingdom." Why would the Creator leave the remaining 80 percent on the outside? It interests me that religions that have survived for thousands of years have not yet addressed that issue in some way, considering the rest of the evolving, dividing and sub dividing theology that has taken place over that period.

I also don't understand your use of the word "traditional" relating to religion. What is traditional is based on the set of traditions you're using. Any religion's practices are traditional to those who subscribe to the belief.
Answered Dec 05, 2011
Edited Dec 05, 2011
wat sets r religion apart is that we believethat jesus is the one and only way. one(possibly muslims)religion wants to kill every christian and we want to love every one. and rob, how do u now that the rest of the universe is millions of years old. there was nothing at all exept God in the beginingand he created everything at once. and wen u wonder y it was earth not some other place, if we were somewere else, wouldnt u wonder y we were there not here?also, we will be judged according to wat we now the bible says. if u herd about christianity and turned it down u wll not have eternity with if u say live in africa and never ever herd about it, ull go to heaven.
Answered Dec 05, 2011
Actually all scientific estimates are that the universe is much older than the "millions of years" I stated. My logic was, if you can see the light from a star one million light years distant, the star has to be AT LEAST one million years old but can be much older. The article at the link below discusses the many ways of calculating the age of the Universe.
Rob Dec 06, 2011
rob I dont see the logic in the light years idea. how does it matter how far away it is. if u built say a lego world and a lego moon at the same time but placed the moon real far away that doesnt mean the moon was made so and so years before. and if u think the earth is not millions of years old how do the theries help.most theries say the earth is as old as millions of years to.
I didn't say the earth was 5K years old, I said the oldest religions are that age; a tiny fraction of the age of the universe and the earth.

We normally use years to express time but light years is about distance. One light year is the distance a ray of light will travel in one year. 1 light year = 9.4605284 × 10^15 meters, a measurement of distance, not time. When you know the distance however, the light source had to exist that far back in time. A star that is a million light years away had to be there AT LEAST a million years ago to produce the light you see now.
Rob Dec 06, 2011
Biblical Christianity is the only world religion that does good for others under no obligation. Eastern religions do good to improve karma, Muslims do good to increase their likelihood of entering paradise, LDS do good to attain godhood, etc. etc. Christians can do nothing to improve their chances of getting into heaven or pleasing God. That's the reason why Christ died for their sins. It's the only religion where they do good for others because they want to and not because it will get them into heaven, paradise, nirvana, etc.
Answered Dec 07, 2011
Christianity's uniqueness centres upon the belief that God became man and walked upon the earth, it is not a doctrine but a relationship.
Answered Dec 16, 2011
Exactly. Christianity isn't a religion, but a relationship
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