Why am I so fussy with food?

I have a BIG problem with my tase bud. I just am sooooo fussy / picky with food and wont eat many vegtables or fruits. Even simple tomato or bannanes I wont eat. When I put it in my mouth my body just like spits it back out! idk why ad whenever I say yes I am gonna eat this I just dont cause it tastes gross. My mum isnt fussy either is anyone else in my family! I just hate it.

fruit I eat: , purple grapes , apples
vegtables I eat: corn , peas , a bit of carrot , lettuce
meat foods I eat: bacon , saussages , patties ,
rice I eat: chessy rice , normal rice

and I basically eat all types of junk food. which my mum said to me when I was younger eat what u want dont force ur self to or u'll make ur self sick! I just cant eat normal food like normal people do! its so annoying.
i asked this question cause i'm wondering why and have been my whole life and cause my year 7 graduation dance thing is comin up and where we go we have to eat there.

plz help
Asked Dec 05, 2011
My cousin would get sick after he ate pumpkin pie and, for a long time believed it was the pie that was making him ill. After dealing with that for a while, his mom put whipped topping on it and changed the name of the pie. He loved it. It was what he believed that was making him sick, not the pie.

I wouldn't suggest experimenting on new foods at the dance. Unless you know you can eat what will be on the menu, take a sandwich and tell them you suffer from "PED."
Answered Dec 05, 2011

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