First Kiss Stories?

Hey everyone. When, where, and who did you have your first kiss with? Just curious:)
Asked Dec 03, 2011
I have a photograph of my first big kiss. She was a cute little girl with brown hair named Rosy. We were sitting on my front porch when Rosy sat on my lap and wham! put a big juicy kiss on me as my mom snapped the photo. It was instant love for both of us but the relationship didn't last. As we grew older, Rosy became too friendly with other guys. She eventually dug a hole under the fence and ran off with a beagle from down the road. :-)
Answered Dec 03, 2011
Oh, how cute.
I don't remember my very first kiss... I actually don't remember any first kisses with any of my past boyfriends, except my husband.

Our first kiss was on our first date. I had known him for a few years from our temple, and knew him to be a good person, so I was ok with kissing him so early. We'd had a wonderful date. He brought me back to my house, and walked me to the front door. He said how much he enjoyed the evening and asked to see me again soon. I told him I enjoyed our date too and that I would love to go out again soon. He stepped closer, put one hand on the small of my back and the other on my face, and kissed me on my lips. Then we rubbed noses. I invited him in for coffee so he'd be awake for his drive home. He only lived 20 minutes away, but I wasn't quite ready to say good night yet.

It was so special. I had this feeling... I just knew that kiss was my last first kiss. :-)
Answered Dec 04, 2011

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